Have you experienced a spiritual breakthrough followed by a breakdown?

Have you had a near death experience?

Have you had a transformative experience from ayahuasca or other psychedelics, only to crash from it later?

Are you having trouble processing or integrating a spiritual experience into your daily life?

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your life, or do you feel detached from your passion?

Challenges you may be facing that I can help with include:

  • spiritual crisis or breakthrough

  • integration of a spiritual, near death or psychedelic experience

  • feeling depleted, fatigued or confused after a spiritual experience

  • life transitions and transformations

  • consciousness raising and awareness

  • living as an expat or nomad in a foreign culture

  • exploring the mind/body connection

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • abuse and trauma

  • stress

  • chronic pain and illness

  • grief and loss