Individual Therapy for Adults and Young  Adults:    I work with adults who are coping with depression and anxiety, and healing from past trauma (physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence), needing to manage the stress in their lives, or balancing a life transition (birth, divorce, job change).  I enjoy working with young adults transitioning into adulthood, dealing with college and post-college life, or questioning their identity and careers.

Individual Therapy for Teens:  For teens aged 12 and up who are experiencing emotional distress, feeling depressed or anxious, having sleep or eating disturbances, having problems with peers and friends, cutting or suicidal, failing grades or stressed with a transition to high school or college.  I meet with teens individually, and have parents come in for a consultation after 3-4 sessions.  

Family Therapy:  I often work with families experiencing distress, whether they are coping with a child's mental health issue, a change in the family structure (divorce, remarriage, separation), or tension within the family relationships.  If I'm seeing a child or a teen for individual therapy, we may schedule a family session on a regular basis, or as needed.

Play therapy:  Play therapy is for children under age 12 who are experiencing emotional or behavioral issues.  This may include tantrums, sleep or eating changes, issues with peers and bullying, aggression or anxiety.  Parents will come in for an initial consultation on their child.  Play therapy uses games, toys and activities as a way for a child to express emotions.  

Clinical Consultation:  I provide clinical consultation to therapists and interns.   I have experience working with clients in residential, hospital, school and outpatient clinic settings.  My client experience is diverse, including experience with substance abuse and recovery, HIV/AIDS, homeless youth, and elderly and disabled clients.